Donald Trump Made Your Life More Interesting and Now You Don’t Know What to Do

(Comment by Rowan Pike on story written by Isaiah McCall)
We might no longer get to see him as president, but he has already said he plans to make a 3rd party; we will be seeing plenty more of him.
As far as Pat Buchanan goes: I would not vote for him to be a member of my local school board, to say nothing of POTUS. Having said this, he has had some great observations over the years.The Monty Python scene puts it well: sausage is not pleasant in the making, but essential in the eating. Institutions are not meant to be pretty, they are meant to fill a void.As far as the good, the bad and the ugly is concerned: I feel like Trump just filled the role that every president has played. One network deifies, the others vilify. They are all, to varying degrees, lying to us.I want to create a totally non-partisan news network, who wants to help?! Not kidding, totally serious.The culture war is somewhat of a chicken and egg situation. The right is being ridiculous, but they really are just responding to the authoritarian tendencies from the left.

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