Both left & right use spurious logic

Why does the alt-right dislike the Jedi?

On 2 October 2021, rightwing media darling Steve Bannon was quoted by Yahoo News. In the article, he called for “shock troops” to quickly “deconstruct” the state as soon as a Republican takes the Oval Office again. If this sounds like random crazy times, you are half right.

It is…

And we should too

Norway has done it again. It has seen an issue and found a totally out-of-the-box approach.

Its athletes have more gold medals than any other nation; in the Winter Olympics, at least. …

I guess you can make this stuff up

Oh, NPR. You are the station I love to hate, and hate to love. I listen copiously to your programs, some of which are good. But I will never donate to you.

And stories like this one are the reason why

In 2020, the Santa Cruz Mountains in California were…

A bipartispan plea

Ladies and gentlemen, I do not care if you are liberal or conservative. I just hope you can, and will, agree with me here. Because the stakes of this are just getting too damn high.

We need to cancel Little Nas X.

In the past, I have talked about how…

And the people of Dallas had best ignore it

The college pledge. Delivered to wealthy white residents of Dallas, it demands that they not send their children to a top-fifty school; and sign a pledge online.

Of course, CNN is claiming this is fake. If so, this is quite a committed troll job.

Look at their website and decide…

Will the GOP learn or not?

The GOP may just be on the ropes, but this is not the first time in living memory this has been so. What remains to be seen: will the GOP bounce back like they did after Nixon, or become ruins of what was.

In 1974, one GOP operative believed that…

A cautionary tale for all of us

The self-styled leading conservative publication on Medium is no more. Its leading contributors, and founder, are in Medium jail. They have told me they will fight it, but I doubt they will be allowed back on the street.

So why did Common Sense Now get taken down, its lead writers…

Everyone would benefit

I remember, back in 2008, seeing the reactions to Obama being elected the first time. Most notably, the Black man in New York, tears in his eyes, telling us that the doubt has been erased. …

In the long run

Much ink has been spilled to answer the question of what makes someone qualified to be president of the United States, and in determining which of our past presidents have actually been qualified for the job. …

And why all Americans need to pay attention to this case

The Valley Transit Authority is the public transit agency for Santa Clara County, i.e., the South Bay, aka Silicon Valley. Something happened at the VTA maintenance yard in May 2021.

This story seems simple and straightforward on the surface. But do a little digging, and you may well see that…

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