It really is quite simple

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Scandinavia as we know it today is made possible by three things.

In the first part, I gave a brief idea as to why American really should not try to emulate Scandinavia. Because we simply cannot.

Then, in the second part, I gave a much more detailed explanation as to why this is.

Now, let us see what makes Scandinavia as we know it even possible.

The first is conflict.

Since 1945, Scandinavia has been a lovely, prosperous place. Before that, it was a dark and violent one. The same could be said for Europe in general.

Finland fought the…

This assessment misses out one thing: those solid blue states have massive red areas outside the cities.

Coming from California, I can safely state that if CA seceded from the Union, a large part of the far north, and interior might just say "nope." Also, San Diego County is pretty much just a collection of military bases; they aren't going anywhere.

If Oregon and Washington break off, they might well lose the eastern half of their states, which would run to Idaho.

Again, Hawaii could be locked down by the military pretty easy.

As far as the military is concerned…

What exactly is the problem here

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NPR has given me one more reason for which I shall love to hate it. The current reason: total hypocrisy.

In a recent article, NPR has called out Ben Shapiro. It has criticized him for doing things like telling the truth, and following standard media practices. And for practicing the same kind of sensational media that the left puts out there as well.

Now, it is important that we understand what Ben Shapiro is, and why NPR’s case against him is rather hypocritical.

I present you here a laundry list of reasons why NPR is not just wrong, but also…

Not what a lot of people think

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I will never forget my first trip to Sweden, back in 2017. The most remarkable thing about it was the taxi ride from the airport. The driver forgot to turn the meter on, and then resigned himself to the fact that he would be making no money from this trip.

I am not sure we are capable of emulating such things.

In the first part, I submitted to the reader that some Americans want our country to emulate Scandinavia. I also gave a brief explanation as to why that will not happen.

The nations of Scandinavia have a lot to…

But what is it really?

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I have been to the mountain top, and it was good. Also, really expensive.

In my days traveling the world, I did spent a fair amount of time in Scandinavia. It was a clean place, supremely well-organized, and full of polite people. Damn was everything expensive, though.

No wealth tax, no inheritance tax, some military conscription.

Scandinavia may be socialist in wealth distribution, but this is achieved because it imposes the burden on the entire population; they do not say eat the rich, they impose heavy taxes on, well, everything.

If you think there are no wealthy people or massive…

No, but we still need to be concerned

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Is there something special about Hungary? I really do not know. All I see is that it has birthed at the same time two icons of opposing ideals. From the left, billionaire George Soros; from the right, Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Might somebody write a book about this?

Anyway, Hungary and the European Union are having a bit of a tiff; a big bit.

When the Hungarian government announced a new regulation forbidding gay content on any shows airing before 10 PM, outcry ensued. Now, this is not the first law that Hungary has passed in this vein. …

Get divided or get frustrated trying

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It appears that there are quite a lot of Americans who have low-key given up on the U.S. as a unified entity. By the way, this comes from Left and Right.

Does this analysis seem too dramatic?

First, from the Left.

It started with a travel advisory. In 2017, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People issued one for people of color; for the state of Missouri. This was in response to things like the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO back in 2014.

Then, it became a travel ban. Former San Francisco mayor Ed Lee forbade…

According to this guy

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Madness is like an endless building. You think you have found the lowest level, the place after which the crap just cannot get any more wacky. And then, time after time, you see in the corner a new door. This door you find leads to a staircase; at the bottom is a whole new level of ridiculous ideas.

Welcome to the transracial era.

An influencer named Oli London, from the UK, is now a trans-Korean. What, you may ask, is a trans-Korean? Well, it is a white guy who just feels Korean. …

I really hope not

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Let us get something straight for a second:

I am not talking about Native Americans. If you are Native American Indian, you have every right to be angry, jaded, upset, whatever you want to call it. Because America and her states have actually done quite profound wrong to you. In every possible way, your people have been abused.

If, however, you are Indian American, I am sorry, but where exactly is the roadblock? The United States has done amazingly by that community, in every possible way.

Recently, an Indian American woman named Aruna Khilanani went on what can only be…

Why will they just not let this guy die

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Why is it that with so much historical evidence, Marxism still has an army of defenders?

We have a flurry of activity surrounding Marxism. Not the kind of lives that people who are forced to live under it actually live. Just the ideas.

Even though we have millions of people alive today that can speak to just how awful life in the Soviet Union was. Even though Aleksander Solzhenitsyn risked his life to bring us the Gulag Archipelago. Even though the People’s Republic of China has shown us what miracles can be achieved when communism is abandoned.

Sadly, it seems…

Rowan Pike

Trolls will be shot on site.

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